2012 General Elections

A Message to the Politicians

If I were to choose the attitude that is responsible for the most destruction in our government, you might be surprised that it is a widely accepted attitude. It is an attitude that many people employ on a daily basis in their personal lives. It is an attitude that many think will be found in a “good” politician. And yet, it is this very attitude that separates the politicians from the statesmen. . .I’m sure you’ve heard it. Maybe, you’ve even said it.

“We have to pick our battles.”

The single most destructive philosophy that our elected officials can hold. The entire premise of this argument is wrong. Here’s why. . .

This is not a battle. It’s a war. It’s a war to bring back the Constitution, the founding principles, the spirit of a nation that once relied on God. If you are in the war for the right reasons, every battle is worth fighting. Let’s also be very clear about politicians and statesmen. This is not just your representative or your senator or your president; this is you! This is your mother, your father, your uncle, your friend next door. Everyone has the ability to exemplify these characteristics. Which will you choose?

Politicians “fight” for personal gain.

Statesmen fight for principle.

Politicians only fight battles that will win them popularity.

Statesmen fight battles that will cost them popularity.

Politicians think winning is the only definition of success.

Statesmen believe fighting is success.

The supposed party of conservatives is steeped in political attitudes, the chiefest of which is that you must pick your battles. In a principle-based fight, you must fight every issue. After all, what good is principle if you only give it a part-time role in your decisions?

To the politicians, I ask. . .

What about the revolutionary battles at Lexington and Concord?

What about the battle at Pearl Harbor?

What about the D-Day landings?

Which one should we have forsaken? Which one was too costly or too insignificant to fight? For which one should we have stripped away our resources and used them on something more winnable?

Remember: If you don’t fight the battles, you’ll lose the war.


One thought on “A Message to the Politicians

  1. Right on, Hannah! You are amazingly intelligent for a recent high school graduate of such a young age. God bless you, dear.

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